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We have added the first posters and production stills of John’s upcoming movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” in our gallery. The movie will be released on January 15 in the United States and January 29 in the United Kingdom.

1 January 2016

The magazine scans of John’s Men’s Health (January/February 2016) cover have been added in our gallery. We also added an additional photoshoot outtake and the screencaptures of the official on-set behind the scenes video. The video can be found in our video archive. The magazine in on newsstands right now, so be sure to pick up your own copy!

27 December 2015

John is featured on the January/February 2016 issue of Men’s Health. We have added the cover in our gallery and the photoshoots outtake in our gallery. Magazine scans will follow as soon as possible.

On his wife Emily Blunt: “It’s my favorite thing to talk about.”

On his new physique:
“I think there’s a part of you where you become addicted to it. I love feeling strong. You pick up your daughter with ease while everyone else makes a little grunt when they pick up their kids. I walk with better posture and a little more presence. I was more of a sit-in-the-corner guy. Now I’m a lot less of that.”

On choosing new projects: “There’s an attempt at a calculation. I just want to do everything I can. It feels like someone passed me the ball, and I want to do everything I can with it.”

17 December 2015

John attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AAA Texas 500 event earlier this month. We have added the images in our gallery.

21 November 2015

John and his wife Emily Blunt attended the Family Reach’s Cooking Live earlier this month in New York. We have added the images in our gallery.

21 November 2015

We added the digital magazine scans of John’s Off Camera (by Sam Jones) in our gallery. John was featured in the cover back in 2013. You can head over to to pick up your own copy. The in-depth interview is also worth the read!

As Jim Halpert, John Krasinski embodies The Office’s most beloved Everyguy, but his middle-achiever alter ego belies the actor’s impressive and accomplished resume. At just 33, he has written, directed and produced both television and feature films with some of the industry’s most talented heavy-hitters.

Krasinski shares his own version of the waiter-to A-list story and talks about staying true to his artistic path despite periods of self-doubt. An avid and humble student of experience, he discusses what he’s learned from his work with industry veterans such as Sam Mendes, Gus Van Sant and George Clooney. Krasinski talks to Off Camera about wrapping the final season of The Office, the value of supportive parents, and about his newest film, Promised Land, which he co-wrote, and co-stars with Matt Damon.

At one of the most interesting junctions in his career, an actor who’s arguably done it all looks ahead to what he hopes will be next.

29 October 2015

John and his wife Emily Blunt attended the “Fool For Love” Opening Night at Broadway yesterday evening. The first images have been added to our gallery.

9 October 2015

Additional high quality images of John during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival premiere of “Sicario” have been added in our gallery. Many thanks to my friend Luciana for her donations. We apologize on the delay of adding these.

21 September 2015

John attended the “Sicario” premiere during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival earlier today alongside his beautiful wife Emily Blunt, who stars in the movie. The first high quality images have been added to our gallery.

11 September 2015

We have added our final batch of public appearances in our gallery. We replaced most images with better quality and were able to add lots of additions. This means we finished with out event section in our gallery, which is now complete up until now.

30 August 2015
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